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Welcome to WinkyCoin

We developed a system that allows you to earn cryptocurrency for free by simply going about your normal activities.

Exchanges for cryptocurrencies or digital currencies (also known as DCEs) are businesses that enable customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets. These businesses are also known as cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most digital currency exchanges (DCEs) operate independently from the digital currencies' original developers.
Digital currency providers (also known as DCPs) are businesses that are responsible for the keeping and administration of digital currency accounts in one type of system.
Welcome to WinkyCoin
Problems and solutions

Why we created a WinkyCoin

Today, billions of people use social media and create content without getting compensated for doing so, while at the same time, the growth of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin or Eth are progressively entering the market as payment methods.

Because of this, we came to the conclusion that the best aspects of both technologies should be incorporated into a single platform.

You will earn WinkyCoins for every post that you publish, and you can use the coins that you have earned on any of the hundreds of online trading sites that are available.

We spend hours for sharing!

People talk about their experiences and create never-ending streams of photographs, yet the major social media platforms are the only ones that profit from this.

This is no longer the case, as WinkyCoin was developed to solve this problem.

You can earn cryptocurrency for every photo you submit, every like or comment that is left on your profile, or even just for the attention that is sent to your profile.

Simply due to the fact that they took place, your experiences will be awarded.
How to start?

How to start?

Creating your WinkyLink profile and making your initial post are all that are required of you at this point.

You will accumulate WinkyCoins in proportion to the number of times someone follows you, likes or comments on your posts, subscribes to your paid content, or comments on your free content.

You may use WinkyCoin to purchase more paid content on WinkyLink, as well as shop at a variety of online businesses, swap it for real money, and do a lot of other things.

Token usage

Used WinkyCoins in WinklyLink


The uploading of material, accumulation of likes and comments, and recruitment of new followers are all ways to earn WinkyCoin.


WinkyCoin can be transferred between users as part of premium memberships, however this does not affect the primary exchange rate (see below FAQ).
Because premium content is only viewable after other users have paid for it, you will not receive a WinkyCoin for any content that you submit if it is paid for by other users.

1 WNK = 0.00001860 EUR


Our team

Check our creative developers.








Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers for most frequently asked questions about
social network and crypto currency.

Every video that is uploaded passes through a specialized procedure that is referred to as "Conversion."

The quality of the video is maintained while the file size of the original video is decreased because to this procedure, which improves the film's overall quality.

After the completion of the conversion process, the video will once again be accessible to users. However, during the process itself, it is possible that it will be inaccessible for a brief period of time.
Within our network, one purpose for WinkyCoins is to pay for advertising.

You will be asked to fill in some basic details, as well as pick a budget when generating an advertisement.

When a user clicks on an advertisement or after a predetermined number of views, billing happens immediately.

Please read the site terms and conditions for more information on how to utilize the advertising tool that we provide.
Users will pay a set number of credits to view postings that belong to you that are classified as a subscription.

One month is all that may be used with this subscription.

You will not receive WinkyCoins in exchange for any of the content that is uploaded in this section.
You are free to submit whatever content you choose to your restricted content, with the following exceptions:
  • Posts that promote or glorify violence;
  • child pornography;
  • posts that promote or glorify murder or suicide;

Please refer to the rules that govern participation in our social network for further details!
In General tab, which is without a subscription, you can upload any content permitted for people under the age of 18.

The following content is not allowed:
  • pornographic content;
  • stuff that is racist;
  • violent behavior toward humans or animals;
  • drug use;
  • political bias;
Please refer to the rules that govern participation in our social network for further details!
You may earn cryptocurrency for sharing your content on WinkyLink, which is a platform that allows you to do so.

There are two categories of content that can be shared: those that are free and those that need payment.

If you share free content with others, you can make money off of the interactions people have with that content, including the comments, likes, and followers they give you.

If you share paid content, it will only be accessible through a membership for a period of one month, and you will get payment from everyone who subscribes to you as a result.
Because WinkyCoin is a cryptocurrency, it does not exist in the form of a tangible unit that can be placed in a wallet.

On the internet, cryptocurrencies are used to pay for goods and services, and the number of websites that support this practice is growing each day.

Our market place allows for the conversion of WinkyCoin into a variety of national currencies, like EUR, USD, BGN, and so on.
The value of 1 WinkyCoin (1 WNK), like every cryptocurrency, is decided by a number of independent factors, including exchange, WinkyCoin traffic, advertisements, investments, and so on.
The current value of 1 WNK can be seen on the WinkyCoin page.
The so-called - Global Rate determines the value of each transaction that provides you WinkyCoin.

This is the percentage of WinkyCoin that is still available for free.

Every interaction - like, comment, follow, and so on - yields a different number of WinkyCoin (x1, x5, x10, x500) than the global rate.
WinkyCoin is earned for every reaction to your content or paid subscription.

When you delete a post from your profile (save for commercial material), you lose all reactions and comments from that post, which removes earned points.
If you use our social network, you will be rewarded with WinkyCoin each time you upload a post, gain new followers, likes, or comments on that post.
The sole requirement is that you have to have signed in to the site at least once within the past three days.

Contact us

If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!